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So I published a synonym

If you’ve been following this blog (what little of it there is to follow) since the old version you may remember me going on about some fossil cowries from South Australia that I had named. Well as it turns out one of them already had a name. Lyncina (Austrocypraea) cadella Yates 2008 was actually named Austrocypraea rumballi way back in 2003 by Dirk Fehse. So sincere apologies to Dirk for not being aware of his work. In my defense Austrocypraea rumballi was published in a difficult to find newsletter of a shell club, and thorough searching by myself before publication failed to produce any reference to it. I don’t mind too much after all I’ve known Wayne Rumball, the guy the species was named after, since I was in high school and apart from being a thoroughly pleasant fellow has donated much of his time volunteering at the South Australian Museum. I just thought I might have had a more substantial number of taxa under my belt before I hit the almost inevitable synonym. The other  species named in the paper, Umbilia caepa, still stands as valid as does the description of  L. (A.) rumballi and the biogeographic/diversity conclusions.

Lyncina (Austrocypraea) rumballi

Fehse, D. (2003) Katalog der fossilen Cypraeoidea (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in der Sammlung Franz Alfred Schilder. III.I. Die Gattung Austrocypraea Cossmann, 1903

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